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January 30, 2020  

Hilary Porta - “I had to be broken so I could be used”: a story of rebuilding one’s life to help others become unstoppable

January 30, 2020


Hilary Porta is a leading mindset expert and life architect who helps people design a career and life they love by combining neuroscience-based mindset coaching to shatter the mental limits and provide strategy and a framework for an epic life.

Hilary travels across the globe not only speaking on stages both domestically and internationally but also where she helps Fortune 500 CEOs, professional motorsport as well as pro sports (think: Formula One driver, NFL ) to level up and become unstoppable.

However, life hasn’t always been easy for Hilary. She went through some very dark times but that's where she learned the power of resilience and choice and has turned her loss into leverage.


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Hilary recommends a Netflix Series and a book: