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October 30, 2020  

Listen again: John Michael Greer an American Druid on Americans Individualism, Societal Collapse, and the Values of the Frontier Period

October 30, 2020

John Michael Greer podcast back in america


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I am publishing this episode once again for all of the listeners who might not have heard it yet. 
I find it strangely prophetic and visionary which if you know my guest shouldn't be much of a surprise.

John Micheal Greer a widely respected author and blogger in the fields of nature spirituality and the future of industrial society.
He is the author of more than fifty books and his blog, Ecosophia. He lives in Rhode Island with his wife Sara.
John, a look at your Wikipedia page made me realize that you are a pretty complex person. The most striking aspect of your life for a layman is probably that you are a Druid. When I realized, thanks to you that Druids made their way from Europe to the US was a surprise and I want to learn more about it. 
The reason for my reaching out to you, however, is that you’re one of the leading minds, in the US, behind the concept of societal collapse.
You were quoted on this topic back in 2008. In 2016, you wrote Dark Age America: Climate Change, Cultural Collapse, and the Hard Future Ahead. Since then you published 8 books and countless articles on collapse.

Collapse means that our fossil fuel-based civilization, cannot sustain itself and will fail.
As our world is going through an unprecedented pandemic and is bracing itself for recession I am delighted to get your view on the situation.

John’s blog can be found at

Here is a link to his books on Amazo


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