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January 23, 2020  

Elan Leibner - From Israel kibbutz to the Waldorf School of Princeton: a story of passion for education

January 23, 2020


In this episode, we explore the idea behind a school system created 100 years ago in Germany and which is increasingly popular throughout the world: the Waldorf education based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy.

My guest is Elan Leibner the chair of the Pedagogical Section Council of North America and a teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton. Elan grew up in Israel, lived in a kibbutz, and moved to the US at the age of 23. He married Tertia, the woman who recruited him to teach at Waldorf. He was a class teacher at there for 18 years, before directing the Teacher Education program at Emerson College in England.

Altogether, he has been involved in Waldorf education for almost thirty years.

Anyone researching Waldorf School on Google quickly realizes that the school has many fans but also some skeptics.

Waldorf School of Princeton 
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Elan recommends two movies:

What Dreams May Comes 
Round Midnight