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December 7, 2019  

Denis Devine - Fishtown, Philly - a non-traditional dad, an engaged citizen, a climate activist

December 7, 2019

In this episode of Back in America, I meet with Denis Devine a 46 years old man from Fishtown, Philadelphia. Denis, an ex-journalist, is the organizer of Dad's night a monthly meeting of men.

For the last 6 years, Denis' Dads Night has brought together dads from his neighborhoods at different bars.
The idea of dad's group, which count 350 members, came to him one day at a play-ground when he was watching over his kids.
This safe space allows men to address topics related to dad-hood, dads-related cause, and non-traditional understandings of masculinity.

In Back in America Denis talks about how he came to realize what toxic masculinity behaviors are after being beat-up one day, after school. He had the chance to be mentored by one of his school provisor who told him to embrace empathy and to express his emotions.

In the interview, we also talk about the links between the traditional behavior associated with masculinity and the marketing promotion of the fossil fuel industry.

Denis raises his children to behave in an environmentally conscious way and he wants to help them to understand how their lives will be affected by climate change.

Denis and his wife gave-up their car last year, ride on a cargo-bike for his current job and to take his kids to school. He turns the heat down in winter and the AC off in summer.


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